1. Make You Mine

From the recording One Home... One Heart

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Make You Mine
© Sabrina Schneppat

I say I love you, but you don’t seem to hear me
You say you want me, but only when you’re near me
Can’t stop this feeling, it’s raging deep inside
I must decline, until I make you mine

My heartbeat quickens, whenever I am near you
Your lips grow hungry and I become the menu
I’ve got to stop you, from holding me this time
I must decline, until I make you mine

‘Til then I’ll fly to Paris, France
And treat myself to wine and food and dance
And if you’re still within my heart by Rome
I’ll confess until they finally send me home

So help me tame this inferno burning through me
Another flame kiss is certain to consume me
So, I surrender to the arms of love divine
And in return, your heart I’ll claim as mine

So don’t resist my love it’s curtain time
Give me a sign, so we can intertwine
T’would be a crime,
if I don’t make you mine