1. Help Wanted

From the recording One Home... One Heart

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© Craig Lincoln, Melody Schoenfeld, Marissa Meizel

Well, there’s been a big recession in my emotional economy
I need a man with a profession and a notion to come on to me
I’ve got a method in mind for a way to find a full-time permanent beau
I’m making a sign with big headline to place in my window

Help wanted, apply inside
The hours are long, this ain’t no nine-to- five
Part time passion won’t make me throb
Lovin’ me is a full time job

I’m tired of the same old dating games; from this night on I’m more than through
Dinner dates with potential mates and breakfast with way too few
Well things work out wrong and it’s takin’ too long to make the right guy mine
So I’m cutting to the quick and I’m taking my pick from the ones who read my sign


Those boys intent on wooing me leave me wanting so much more
Well they’re all in a race to cut to the chase & five minutes later they’re startin’ to snore
I need a man who understands what a woman just seems to know
That the best things in life get better when you take ‘em nice and slow
… a couple times in a row!

Well it’s basic economics boys there’s a short supply I’ve got a long demand
And only one guy will qualify for my special compensation plan
but even if you ain’t my candidate you won’t leave feelin’ blue
‘cause I’m willing to bet you will not forget your personal interview
but don’t call me boys, I’ll call you