1. Fall of Fly

From the recording One Home... One Heart

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© Craig Lincoln

Morning curtain rising on the lines you must recite
Years spent memorizing every phrase
Technicolor dreams you’ve had now fade to black and white
Lock your door, step out into the maze

Queue up with the coffee crowd and contemplate your day
Looking at how life’s led you this far
No regrets for paths not taken on your way
Every road leads right to where you are

Why do you hesitate
Believing it’s too late
You know, you never know, until you try
You’re standing on the brink
It’s later than you think
Spread your wings and jump… FALL or FLY

And in the evenings as into that mirror you stare
Wondering if what you see is true
While you’re gazing at your face, your eyes, your lips, your hair…
Do you ever catch a glimpse of you?


How do you keep climbing, higher
Believing you could have it all
Terrified and fighting your desire
To fall……………

A new moon rises on that day you’ve left behind
And everything is only what it seems
No surprises, you must seek before you find
Answers are waiting in your dreams
Find the answers in your dreams
Fall or Fly…