From the recording One Home... One Heart

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© Craig Lincoln

I don’t believe what you tell me
Your words defy my very eyes
I ain’t buyin’ what you’re tryin’ to sell me
Quarter truths and half-baked alibis
I see your true colors runnin’ girl –
Bleedin’ through your little white lies

When I got home from workin’ and I saw your car was gone
I waited up for you all evening but I fell asleep at dawn
You said you “ran some errands” but I’m wonderin’ what you meant
Your odometer’s turned over and the grocery money’s spent


When you left that evening, I sure thought that it was strange
You had a run in your left nylon but you had no time to change
But when you snuck back home, girl, in the middle of the night
That run up your left nylon was runnin’ down the right

You better get a dictionary for the words I chose to use
When you read them in this letter, I do not want you confused
When you see I’m in absentia, do not manifest an attitude
You had plausible deniability baby, but you lacked…