1. Mama's Hands

From the recording One Home... One Heart

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© Sabrina Schneppat

The sun tiptoed behind the trees
In cotton candy skies
We sat upon the front porch steps
Watching fireflies
And painted in my memory
This Norman Rockwell night
As Mama hummed into my ear
And held me to her tight
Her shirt smelled just like summer sun
Her heartbeat sure and true
And when her hands stroked through my hair
Love was all I knew

Mama’s hands are loving hands
Mama’s hands are tender strong
Mama’s hands are tired hands
From workin’ all life long
They’re lined and worn and calloused through
They’re weathered honestly
She thinks that they’re ugly now
But they’re beautiful to me

Now, I believe that most things change
But not the things that count
For some things always stay the same
In just the right amounts
And sitting round the table
On visits way back home
I see how far our lives have come
and just how much we’ve grown
But somewhere deep inside of me
Is a child who understands
The love that gave our family strength
Came from Mama’s Hands


For I can still remember
through the passing years
The feel of Mama’s loving hands
As she held me through my tears