From the recording One Home... One Heart

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© Sabrina Schneppat

My shoes are tight
My skirt is tattered
The floor is worn
My thoughts are scattered

In pairs they move
So gracefully
Cheek to cheek
But all I see…

Is the same old song and dance
I didn’t write the words or lines
and the steps I learned by chance
just in keeping with the time

I’m back again
at the start
A few grey hairs
A threadbare heart

I don’t recall
the leap so wide
I swallow hard
And close my eyes


A Waltz is still a waltz by name
‘though the music doesn’t sound the same
it’s still the same steps taken
just the same hearts breaking
‘round the same old floor
the music starts once more

I hold my breath
To my surprise
A hand in mine
And smiling eyes

I look away
For my escape
The room is hot
I vacillate

My hands are cold
Should I accept?
I take a breath
I take a step