1. Mine all Mine

From the recording One Home... One Heart

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© Sabrina Schneppat

Friday noon at “Big Ed’s Deals”
Where friends are made with automobiles
Big Ed’s trying to romance me
Working hard to catch my fancy
Leads me through a back gate
Now I’m back in ‘58
Chills are runnin’ down my back
A turbo-boosted heart attack
It’s love I’m bitten, call me smitten
Gotta have this purring kitten
drop top Cadillac

She’s a muscle baby, Don’t mean maybe
Sock hoppin’, soda poppin’, Hoola Hoopin’, Headline Scoopin’
Rock-N-Rollin’, Marilyn Monroein’
Rubber Burnin’, Heads turnin’, Drag Racin’, Kissie Facin’
James Dean, Dream Machine,
And She’s Mine all Mine!

Candy-apple polished steel
Slick as a banana peel
Whitewalls sharp as spats
Fins a mile out the back
Hot shiny chrome fenders
Crazy if you think I lend her
Out to brothers, mom, or dad
This ain’t a public Taxi cab
a V-8 heart stopper
Chrome Goddess jaw dropper
4-wheel aphrodisiac


Days are always sunny
Driving with my honey
Life is so supreme
With the pink slip to my machine

Grandpa livened up a bit
When he caught a glimpse of it
Grandma hit the back hall
Diggin’ through the moth balls
Pullin’ out the T-shirts
Bobbie socks and poodle skirts
I took ‘em cruising down the street
They were acting mighty indiscreet
Singin’ with the radio
Yellin’ at me “let her go”
Neckin’ in the big back seat

Mine all Mine...