1. Cats & Dogs

From the recording Cats & Dogs

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Dogs will be dogs.
They have no social grace; they sniff your crotch then lick your face
A bark and wagging tail are dialog to a dog
A simple life - chase and fetch, what you see is what you catch
Cold nose and dirty paws

Cats will be cats
They let you stroke their fur; they curl up in your lap and purr
Sweet contentment seems like where it’s at, to a cat
But when they’ve had enough of it they arch their backs and hiss and spit
And scratch you with their claws

Nature uses chemistry to maximize diversity
By guaranteeing opposites attract
Consequently, sad to say, when you give your heart away
It rarely gets returned to you intact

Boys will be boys
If you believe in fairy tales they’re mostly made of puppy tails
And the rest is just bravado and noise -- those are boys
Some of whom grow up to be men who simply cannot see
The forest for the trees

Girls will be girls
Made from sugar and from spice, some more like fire and ice
Complicated contrasts in curls -- those are girls
Elements that they’re made from can leave some women they become
Torn up by the slightest breeze

You and I thought we could fly, and gravity did not apply
To syncopated lovers such as we
The view we shared together never took in stormy weather
Let alone a hurricane at sea

(Bridge) But love will always find a way…
At least that’s what they say…
Ah…, but what do they know, anyway?

I will be me
All the bad and good about me, the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” ’bout me
All that great potentiality – not to be
I just go on my way, living mostly day-to-day
A present absentee

You will be you
All the manic madness of you, the paralyzing sadness of you
Your ups and downs as manifold as waves upon the sea
And all the things you can’t control weigh so heavy on your soul
For you, no guarantees

I keep an even keel by focusing and trying to deal
With things that I can touch and feel and see
You are moved by darker forces, welling up from deeper sources
Your soul music in a minor key…

And so it goes
One fairy-tale romance that never had a snowball’s chance
Of surviving life’s realities; and off go we
To drift apart without a clue, and nothing we could say or do
Can change our histories
Just like…

Tails and claws…
Nature’s laws…
And you and me