1. Kiki Wow

From the recording Cats & Dogs

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She first appeared before me in a cathode ray tube glow
The music was like magic as I sat and watched her show
She seemed possessed of wisdom I could only hope to know
And I’m not the kind of guy who looks for answers from on high
But to me she became an angel with a funny name
And that program soon became a weekly vow
I kept with KIKI WOW

A queen among the minstrels, she holds court in fine array
One by one she calls them forward, one by one they stand and play
And she blesses each one gently, and then sends them on their way
And the smile upon her face bestows a kind of grace
And to me it truly seemed that I, too, could be redeemed
If I could play some song, someday, somehow,

So I packed up my guitar, and I threw it in the car
Making songs up all the way from Minneapolis to L.A.
To stand here in the darkness and wait my turn to play
And believe that I will never be the same…
When she calls my name…

But I step into the spotlight and things get so unclear
It’s not my fingers on these strings, or my own voice I hear
And even as I’m singing I begin to disappear…
But just before I fade away, I see her smile as if to say
That the wisdom that she offers - her blessing to convey
Is not in catchy lyrics, or in clever chords to play
It’s not in what we take from here, it’s what we give away
The Truth -- it seems so simple to me now…

Now some years have flown right by me, I’m no longer quite so young
And countless the songs I’ve written, and then stood up, played, and sung
And when each one is ended, and I know I’ve touched someone
In that momentary pause, between the last chord and applause,
I think back across the distance to that fragile man I was
Who found, there in the spotlight, a reason and a cause…
And I smile, and offer thanks, then take a bow…
…for KIKI WOW…
…Thank you, Kiki!