From the recording Cats & Dogs

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I dreamed I went out walking and found a bottle in the sand
And when I stooped to take it up the instant that warm glass touched my hand
A dark spirit rose before me and stood to serve at my command

It showed me earthly treasures, things I could have that very day
And dark, carnal pleasures, anything that lustful lips could move to say
But I had just one desire… to play the blues like Stevie Ray

For a blues man who is worthy can rake your heart across the coal
And they say that Robert Johnson could put a lick inside your very soul
But a single note from Stevie could leave a bloody bullet hole

Now it’s told that Robert Johnson met the Devil at the crossroads, in dismay
And what business was transacted there, no righteous man would dare to say
But from that dark night forward, Oh Lord, that country boy could surely play

Then I dream I’m at that crossroads, in howling winds and driving rains
“You can play just like Stevie Ray…” Satan says, “…but for something in exchange”
And I smiled right at the devil, and said, “Take my soul… you can keep the change”

Now I dream I’m on a mountain top, and it’s the final judgment day
As one by one my sins are counted up, and there’s no time left to pray
And with Judgment hard upon me, I pick up my guitar and start to play

~ Stevie Ray Vaughan ~
3 October 1954 - 27 August 1990