From the recording Cats & Dogs

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An ordinary Tuesday night I was playing at the open mic
Strumming my guitar and singing cover songs
I looked up and saw your face and felt myself go to that place
For which every would-be lover longs.

I didn’t really fall for you -- it’s just this silly thing I do
When some pretty face flashes me a smile
And forces me to think about the love that I have done without
And contemplate the future for a while.

Days of socializing solitude
Nights just my guitar and me
When I drop the masquerades, every color fades
‘til I’m left with only SHADES of BURGUNDY

I am airplane flights and hotel nights, you’re contracts, deals, and copyrights
-- Two independent worlds we’re burnin’ through
There’s nothing, really, to expect; our two lives barely intersect
Why then should my thoughts return to you


Sometimes at some grand affair I will see you standing there
Perchance our eyes will meet across the room
A sketched embrace, an airbrushed kiss… and I am left with only this
Brief smile and the trace of your perfume.

The memory of that lingering scent mingles with my discontent
Like the melody and lyric of a song
And so I leave it all right there -- an imaginary love affair
Three minutes nineteen seconds long