From the recording Cats & Dogs

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From day one I’ve been my father’s son
Though I never really thought of it like that
I was just a little boy -- he was just a dad
But he taught me how to watch the ball and how to swing the bat
He went to work each morning as I went to school each day
And he picked me up when practices were done
But I was just too young to see what one day it would mean to me
Just to be MY FATHER’S SON

As I grew I struggled hard to learn
The things he taught as every father does
But somehow I just knew the wisdom I would earn
Would come from simply watching him just being who he was
“Tell the truth, son; just be kind; do each job as best you can.”
Simple things he showed me one by one
He was big and I was small but it would make me stand up tall
To be called MY FATHER’S SON

Ever I would watch his eye for that tiny gleam of pride
As brilliant as the morning sunrise gets
But with time I realized there was aging in those eyes
And that every sun that rises also sets

Now I’ve learned the grief of loved ones lost
The hollow empty ache that’s left behind
And how life lived full can come with quite a cost
How time can ravage havoc with a body and a mind
But it’s really just an empty shell we buried on that day
And a legacy has only just begun
For each day I more clearly see that vision that he had for me
As I strive to be