1. Indigo

From the recording GREEN

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© Sabrina Schneppat, SESAC


That giant golden chariot
burning ‘cross the sky
Making its descent with
One last glimmer in its eye
and as it disappears below
I feel a thunder start
a rumble deep inside of me
It’s twilight in my heart

There is a strange seduction that comes on raven wings
its haunting perfume floating wild and free
I find that I am falling, into that dark embrace
The indigo, the silence, and me

Crickets chime the midnight hour
My heart is now bewitched
Chains that bind my troubled mind
Are magically unhitched
The moon has cast a silken spell
Across the jagged night
Enticing me to fly with her
On wings of appetite


Then all at once from nowhere
The heavens start to yawn
Stillness that was all around
Is shattered by the dawn
the mortal world’s awakening
Like sticks of dynamite
And so I steal just one last kiss
and bid my love goodnight


The indigo… the silence… and me…