1. Green

From the recording GREEN

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© Sabrina Schneppat, SESAC


Endless fields of beans and corn
A John Deere tractor weather worn
Strings beans, sweet peas, lettuce rows
Garden gloves and coiled hose
Leaves like wind chimes touch the sky
Mossy logs and dragon fly
Clover stains on faded jeans
I am swept away by green

Green is washing over me, flooding me, filling me
Bittersweet is spilling on my dreams
Everything I feel is in between -- green.

Cheeks of peach fuzz, slightly shy
Laughter like a lullaby
His smile was bright as Christmas snow
My heart was too unbroke to slow
Hair like sands that touch the sea
Waving like a willow tree
I still feel my fluttered knees
As he looked at me with eyes of green


My friends got married, had some kids
Just like grams and grandpa did
Bought their houses made their homes
I drop by when I’m alone
I’m still out there chasing dreams
slowing down a bit it seems
It’s true I’ve got my own routine
But sometimes seeing them I’m green