2015 is going to be a GREEN Year!

After many long months of a whole lot of really great work, not to mention a ton of support -- GREEN is here!  

We are proud to announce that our long-awaited, second full-length album is hot off the presses and ready for its debut.  It's been a journey of what feels like epic proportions.  We've been dreaming of this album for a while, knowing we wanted it to be grander in scope than our first album.  We've been pushing ourselves to grow and we wanted this project to keep pushing us -- it has!  

GREEN felt like the right title for a project that we wanted to be lush, vibrant, fresh, and full of possibility.  And, in many ways, though we've both been performing for a long time, we're still very green at the studio experience.  

GREEN was a departure from our first album, One Home, One Heart, which was essentially recorded live, in the studio, with a few overdubs from other artists to add color and texture.  This one was much more complex with many more pieces and parts.  At the same time, we wanted to make sure that the essence of Sabrina & Craig shines through. And shine it does.  

The most humbling studio experience in this project was the feeling of sitting under a massive lens that magnified every single buzzing string, timing bobble, and pitch waver.  But it showed us that there is always musical growth ahead of us, and inspired us to work harder.

The sweetest part of this journey has been the huge amount of loving support from friends from all meeting places in our lives.  We decided that in order to fulfill our vision of GREEN, we would ask for support through a crowd funding campaign which began last March.  Since the majority of crowd funding campaigns end unsuccessfully, we weren't sure what the results would be.  We took a leap of faith and many of you did too!  

We were touched by the enthusiastically positive response and we carried you with us each day in Spirit, particularly when the path was steep.  More than coming away from this experience with an album that we are proud to share, you have reminded us more than ever what music is all about -- connection!

Thanks to our GREEN Team who said "yes" and joined us (a complete list can be found on our Wall of Gratitude).  Thanks to every one of you who has chosen to be a part of our musical family by asking to receive e-mail updates, following us on facebook, sharing our music with a friend, and electing to spending musical time with us.  We thank you!  You remind us that each day is a Brand New Day!  


Love, Gratitude, and Harmony!

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